KKB figure Temianus Magayang, Involved in the Murder of KPU Staff Yahukimo to TNI Soldiers

Temianus Magayang, a leader of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Yahukimo Regency, west Papua, was arrested in Dekai District on Saturday (27/11/2021).

Director of the Papua Regional Police Crimes Committee Kombes Pol Faizal Ramadhani revealed that Magayang was carrying a homemade firearm equipped with ammunition when he was arrested.

Quoted from Antara, Magayang, who is the KKB Operations Commander for the XVI Kodap Yahukimo Region, is suspected to have been involved in 12 acts of violence to murder.

One of them was the murder of KPU staff Yahukimo Hendrik Yovinski on August 11, 2020. Another KPU staff who were with Hendrik, Kenan Mohi at that time managed to survive.


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The incident occurred when both of them were delivering medicine for Mohi's wife when they were suddenly stopped by residents and asked to issue ID cards.

While issuing ID cards, the victim was stabbed in the back. Not long after, another perpetrator appeared who also attacked the victim.

In addition to being involved in the killing of the KPU staff, Magayang was also involved in the murder of a resident named Muhammad Toyib on the Dekai Airport road on May 18, 2021.

He was also involved in the killing of two soldiers of the 432th Airborne Infantry Battalion Kostrad.

When the incident occurred, the two members were guarding the construction of the Brasa River embankment project.

Sri Mulyani: Regional Transfer Allocation to Papua Increases, To Rp 43.48 Trillion

The central government will disburse a transfer budget to the regions and village funds (TKDD) for the Papua Province in 2022 amounting to 43.48 trillion.

That includes the 2022 Special Autonomy funds of Rp 5.78 trillion. Which when compared to 2021, there is an increase of IDR 500 billion.

In 2021 Papua Special Autonomy funds will be Rp 5.29 trillion.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani explained, the total transfer to the regions in 2021 was IDR 42.47 trillion and in 2022, it rose to IDR 43.48 trillion.

"I will convey to all of you, the financial data of Papua and West Papua in 2021. The total this year is IDR 42.47 trillion," Sri Mulyani told reporters in Jayapura after inaugurating the Jayapura State Finance Building, Friday (11/26/2021) .

DOzens of students from Papua held a demonstration on Jl. Raya Puputan Renon Denpasar

DOzens of students from Papua held a demonstration on Jl. Raya Puputan Renon Denpasar, Wednesday (1/12/2021). They are members of the Papuan Student Alliance of the Bali City Committee (AMP KK Bali) and FRI West Papua.

The demonstration was held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the declaration of independence for West Papua. In their action, Mahasiwa asked that the militarization of Papua be abolished and revoke the extension of Otsus. In fact, they demand that Papua be given the right to determine its own destiny, especially for the people of West Papua. The Korlap who is also the Chairman of AMP KK Bali Yubertinus Gobai alias Isaiah Gobai said that currently Papuans expect Indonesia to observe Papuan rights.

For this reason, the request for Indonesia to revoke the extension of Otsus is very urgent. Another demand is to let the Papuan people determine their own destiny. Because this is a historical reference. December 1 is a sacred date for the people of West Papua. Ideally on such a date in 1961, the people of West Papua declared their independence. "The Morning Star flag flew for the first time in Hollandia City - now Jayapura while accompanied by the national song "Hi Tanahku Papua". dolls made in the Netherlands," he said. The demonstration of Papuan elements in Bali was blocked by the Patriot Garudan Nusantara (PGN) mass organization, for raising the Morning Star flag in such a demonstration.

"They are flying the OPM flag in Bali. It hurts and tarnishes the Homeland. We are against anyone who wants to disturb the Homeland," said PGN Chairman Gus Yadi. The absence of PGN, explained Yadi, made the little Papuans pelt them with stones, wood, arrows and so on. In fact, PGN did not back down. They consistently advance against. From observations at the location, the number of protesters from Papuan students was around 40-50 people.

They use a white pick-up car equipped with a sound system, one FRI West Papua flag, a banner that reads: "60th anniversary of West Papua's declaration of independence". Some of the posters read: "Return the sovereign rights of the West Papuan nation", "stop killing people in the name of the Republic of Indonesia." (OL-13)